Thought Experiment

Welcome to Thought Experiment #9!

Thought Experiments are a bi-monthly installment. Every 2 months, a question will be added to this landing page and a tweet will go out. The participating posts will then go live on the 15th of that month.

If you want to participate, have your post written before the 15th of the month and then post it on or after this date, I’ll then add you to the list!

Check out the other Thought Experiments for some inspiration.

The way Thought Experiments work is by starting off with a question, like “What would you do if you got given £1 million?”, and you will have to write whatever you first think of. No pre-planning or major editing allowed and blabbering is definitely encouraged! It should read like an internal monologue.

Right at the top of the post, I’ll post a link to all of the other bloggers that have participated in the thought experiment (I encourage other bloggers to do likewise!) You’ll then be able to see a vast array of different opinions to the same question.

Click below to reveal the question when you’re ready to start writing your post.