Welcome to SavingNinja,

This is the place where I can connect with like-minded individuals and document my progress to financial independence. The place where a Ninja Clan can be created and sustained, where we can help each other earn more, invest and live a life of fulfilment.

Ninja’s are silent, they go unnoticed but the most important principle of all is that a Ninja is deadly. They’re sent to assassinate and destroy. They’re ruthless, but they adhere to a strong mutual bond and fiercely protect their own.

Anyone can become a SavingNinja. It could be your local postman, your old school friend or your next-door neighbour. Here is the place where we can convene and discuss, grow and prosper and ultimately win at the game of life!

Below are the following traits that I exude:

  1. The desire to earn money. Even though I am frugal by nature and an aspiring minimalist; I want to earn money. I see earning money like a game that I want to beat, it’s fun! Being a completionist is in my nature; I need to get that high score.
  2. The desire to learn. There’s so much in this world to learn. I adopt the same approach to my finances and life that I do in my career, I always want to learn and most importantly; I always want to grow. Achieving true happiness from self-fulfilment is just as important as becoming rich.
  3. Honesty. I believe that honesty is the most important trait of all. You will never see any information on this website that I know is false. I will never mislead.

Together we will study, learn and discuss these three key principles:

  1. Making money. I believe anyone can make a lot of money, if they’re just willing to listen, learn and try. Together we will find ways to earn more, we will study business ventures, offers, and hustles and most importantly how to invest wisely.
  2. Finding true happiness. Without happiness, money is worthless. You need to dedicate just as much, if not more, time into being happy than you do for saving. We will find out together how to be happy whilst saving, when you reach financial independence and when you retire.
  3. Fulfilment. True happiness doesn’t come until you find fulfilment. I believe that every individual is just biding their time until they find their final destination. Together we will explore the notion of how to find fulfilment, what it is and how to make it last.

Discover who I am

Read about my journey so far, a personal diary entry that I write every month about my savings and progress towards Financial Independence.

Find out how I would react through my thought experiments. Learn why spending less makes you happier or how being rich has nothing to do with your salary.

Read my monthly savings reports to discover how I’ve progressed through my financial journey so far.

Get the facts by reading how to bridge to your pension or why you should include your house in your net worth. Increase your arsenal by taking up some hustles or reading a guide. Follow my journey by reading my monthly savings reports or discover your own way by using your Ninja spreadsheet and utilities.

Most importantly of all; remember to get involved. Follow me on Twitter, comment on articles and spread the love when you find something useful.

The most notable learning comes from interaction. We will learn and grow together and in turn, I have no doubt that we can achieve our dreams.