Savings Report #41 – So Damn Close!

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So close.

If the stock market doesn’t crash before Christmas, December will be the month… The month where I complete the SavingNinja FIRE journey of reaching Β£300k and I begin venturing into uncharted territory.

I’m excited!

This has only happened due to the stock market blazing upward again, I’m unsure what’s going on to prompt another 3% gain, can someone let me know?

The Long Night

Winter has arrived in force here in Sweden, it’s currently -8Β°. Our winter tires are on, they’re required by law to be studded over the next few months, and the Swedish landscape is looking more like a frosted cake each day.

When we do leave Sweden, I’ll miss the very wintery winters, and the Swedish obsession with candles, coziness, and Christmas window decorations.

Heading Home for Christmas

We are hoping to travel back to the UK for Christmas and New Year, the flights are booked and as-of-yet not cancelled. The rising COVID cases across the globe are making me feel very anxious, but we’ve not seen family or the UK since we left for Sweden 1 and a half years ago; I feel like we need to take on a little risk to try and visit home.

If all goes to plan, the next Savings Report and End of Year Review posts will be written in the north of England and Edinburgh!

Fancy Shed

The shed project that I wrote about last month has now been finished. Mrs SavingNinja and I are in love with it.

We can’t wait to begin our next big construction project. Maybe it will be an American barn?

A New Thought Experiment

Do you remember Thought Experiments? Questions to the FIRE blogging community where we’d all make a post on a certain topic.

It’s been a long time since the last one. Over a year!

It’s about time for another one. I’m unsure if we’ll have many participants as I’ve not been keeping up to date with new FIRE blogs, but I wanted to write this post anyway as I think it’s an interesting topic that delves into happiness and exploring lives that most people live.

If you’re interesting in joining this special Christmas Thought Experiment, head over to the landing page to read the question and participate. You’ll have a whole month to write your response and it will go live on the 1st of January.


10 thoughts on “Savings Report #41 – So Damn Close!

  1. Ooh, so close – you’re pretty much there! Santa’s Rally will hopefully get you over the line by the end of the year and what an achievement that will be!

    Am very impressed with your shed – can you come and build one for me? πŸ™‚

    Ah, I’ve missed reading your Thought Experiments – I will bear it in mind to see if I can get my headspace clear to take part!

    Anyway, hope all works out with your travels to the UK – if you’re up in the northwest, perhaps there’s a chance (COVID rules permitting) to meet you and Mrs SN for a coffee?

    1. All of the milestones seem to happen at Christmas for me (probably because I’m emptying my emergency fund now to try and reach it). It’s currently shifting about going over and under the 300k mark, there is currently some fluctuation between the SEK and GBP that is causing this and as my figures now look at the real time exchange rate, it’s moving all of the time.

      I’d wholly recommend building a shed yourself, it’s easier than you think and it will make you feel great πŸ™‚ I can help virtually, hehe. I think you’ve participated in most, if not all, of the 10 Thought Experiments, it would be great to have you for this one. I’m wondering if there are any newer bloggers who have joined the blog-o-sphere since the last one, I’ve really not been keeping on top of interacting with the community.

      We’d LOVE to meet for a beer or coffee. Although, my parents have now moved further afar from Manchester to Freckleton, which is 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Manchester, and our flight in arrives late (we’ll be flying out from Edinburgh). If you think you’ll be in the Preston or Blackpool area, let us know!

    1. Thanks Tony, maybe we’ll build something together some day πŸ™‚ I’m jealous of all of the Colorado FIRE bloggers living in a community and working on projects together!

      I really wish we hadn’t booked flights home now, there are more restrictions and higher costs coming each day… We now have to book a test before we fly, that’s another 100 GBP; this trip home is adding up to almost 700 GBP now and we might not even be able to go – it sucks to spend this much just to visit family.

      1. If you mean building a digital project, then that would be great!:) In my current job I feel more like I am a trainer, don’t get the sense that I am collaborating in a project with anyone. Love teaching others, but also want to keep learning new concepts. Build something physical with you would also be great, but chances of me moving to America are low πŸ™

        Bad luck. When I booked, I didn’t even think covid would come as hard as it seems to be getting. It’s not a good time to live abroad, but it’s what it is, can’t have it all. If you manage to finally go, you’ll forget about the extra money when you get there!

  2. Looks like markets have wobbled since you wrote the post but as Monevator informs me it’s mainly in growth stocks so if you’re just in broad market trackers you should be ok I think. Fingers crossed for the 300 big ones!

    I think I might come out of blogging semi retirement to do the thought experiment πŸ™‚

    Good luck with getting back to the UK. Don’t fret about the money, seeing family is far more important. We’ve lost a few members of ours this year, you won’t regret the missing money but you would definitely regret not coming to see them if it was possible, when they are not around anymore.

    Oh and a side hustle as boutique shed builders is surely on the cards?! πŸ™‚

    1. I’m gonna be so gutted if it’s not there at Christmas! I’m going to have to start filling up my emergency fund again in 2022 xD

      That would be awesome!! I didn’t know if anyone would be up for a TE after so long, but seems there are a few oldies who are down. Maybe we’ll see some new bloggers too?

      You’re right of course about seeing family, I need to stop being tight.

      Hah, there are too many regulations in Sweden, they try to kill hustle culture completely; really hard to open a company or earn ANYTHING outside of a job, no allowances either.

  3. Hey Ninja, congratulations on being so close to that Β£300k target, superb! That’s great that you should be travelling back home, I bet even with the anxiety over restrictions, you would be looking forward to coming back to the UK for a while to sample those things you may have missed :D.


    1. Hey! Thank you πŸ™‚

      Yeah, I’m especially looking forward to: Greggs, full english, a proper English pint.

  4. Ahh so close to that 300k!

    It’ll soon be here, if not already, since you wrote this article! Hope the flights weren’t cancelled and you managed to enjoy Christmas with the family back here in the UK!

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