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In April we moved to our new property in Sweden, we detailed the full account in last months Savings Report . This month, it was time to add my new house equity onto the SN Super Spreadsheet.

Our house in Sweden cost us 3,495,000 SEK, which equates to roughly £300k. We paid a 15% deposit (the minimum here,) so £45k; and we split it equally. That’s where the additional £22,500 in ‘Total Property Equity’ is coming from in the spreadsheet, my half.

Adding that to my existing house equity from our home back in the UK and it brings my total property equity to almost £56k, nearly on par with my Pre-Pension Pot and it brings my total net worth to £236k, staggeringly close to my original FIRE target of £300k which I set when SavingNinja began .

I still don’t know how much we’ll have to pay for bills in this new place, as soon as we find out I’ll be vigorously ramping up my monthly savings again to try to re-compensate for lost time, my goal was originally to hit my lean-FI target before I turned 30; this gives me 8 months.

They Grow so Fast

Remember those baby tomato plants we planted 2 months ago ?

Here they are now:

They’re huge! And taking up most of our living room. Sweden has had an unseasonably cold April so we’re waiting for another few weeks before putting them in the raised beds outside.

Home Sweet Home?

It’s starting to feel a little more like home here after the move last month . We had our final IKEA order arrive last week and now all of our clothes have a place to live. The office section of our bedroom is almost clear, although I’ll be sitting on the sofa while working for a while longer as in June, my company is sending everyone ‘premium’ desks that can switch to a standing position along with ergonomic chairs, so I thought it would be best to wait for this rather than buy my own one now.

There haven’t been any other association meetings since last month, we have met quite a few of the neighbours though and they’ve all been really nice. Surprisingly most of them are mid-thirties, in tech, with young toddlers and we have quite a lot in common, other than the babies!

Everyone told us that Swedish people won’t be friendly or neighbourly, but we were more friendly with our Swedish neighbours in a week than we were for over 3 years in our UK property. I’m guessing the forcing of us being in an association brings us together, or it could just be because we lived in a shitty maisonette in the UK with dodgy neighbours.

There’s not much more I want to talk about this month. I feel like it’s gone so quickly because we spent most of it unpacking!

There are a couple of posts I’d like to make soon, it’s been a long time since I posted anything but savings reports, these will be:

  • Being a landlord, the financials
  • Cost of living in Sweden
  • Our Composting Journey and Living Without a Bin (Mrs SN)
  • My experience with yield farming in the DeFi space

How was your month?