A quick mini-post to let you guys know that the matched betting spreadsheet has been refurbished in preparation for the Each Way betting guide that will be coming out on Thursday. (Sorry for the subscribers that got an accidental email last week saying that the EW guide was out already!)

The last release was very much a rough and ready spreadsheet that I used myself, now it’s had a Saving Ninja overhaul.

The first notable new feature is the ability to add multiple accounts into the sheet. Most of the people earning a lot of money with matched betting are multi-accounting (a Saving Ninja guide on this coming soon) so it seemed ludicrous to not support this option.

You’ll find support for up to 4 different accounts in the ‘Accounts’ tab and at the bottom of each ‘Account’ section, you’ll see figures for what the difference is in that accounts bank (Bank Diff) and your total profit/loss.

On the right you’ll see the same total money section, this will tally up everything in all of your accounts so that you can have a nice overview of your total profit and other figures.

The new addition to this section is the ‘Save Snapshot’ button. This will automatically create a profit snapshot and paste it in the next available row.

This is especially useful when you’re Each Way betting as you’ll need to tally up your total profit/loss each day.

The betting section has had a complete overhaul as there were multiple people that told me it was previously too complicated.

You’ll now find a simple ‘row per bet’ data entry style with all of the columns that you might need, such as notes and settled date. Clicking on the column titles will inform you of what you can enter into that column.

Another new addition to the spreadsheet is the acca calendar. This is really great to use if you’re completing a lot of different accumulator insurance style bets.

The bookies generally only give you 1 free bet per day and they count that day when the bet is settled. Using this calendar you can make sure that you never have two accumulator bets finishing on the same day (so you never lose a free bet!)

You can download the new spreadsheet here . Make sure that you download it as an .xlms (macro enabled workbook) so that all of the functions work correctly.

Let me know if you have any other macros or additions that you’d like to see in the matched betting spreadsheet in the comments below.