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Welcome to the Ninja Page! Where I can connect and share with my subscribers.

This page is where you’ll find the subscriber-only content such as the copyable version of the Saving Ninja savings and expenses software, first access to Saving Ninja mobile applications and sneak peeks to all other material.

All subscribers will get an email sent out when this page is updated, so you don’t need to keep checking back!

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Saving Ninja

Upon request,

here’s a link to a the Google Drive folder for all of the current spreadsheets. To open the spreadsheet you would like, click on the file in the shared folder and click on ‘Open with Google Sheets’ up top.

If you have Excel I recommend downloading the files directly below as Google messes up some of the structure and you won’t be able to use any of the awesome macros.


Saving Ninja Super Spreadsheet – Click to download

A spreadsheet to track your savings, the same one I use! Fill in the orange boxes with your own information.

To download, go to the link above and click download as .xlsm. You will get a safety warning as the Spreadsheet uses a macro to calculate your FI date. You will need to enable this if you want to use this feature.

If you have started on any date other than January you will need to update the formulas to refer to the ‘starting figure’ boxes instead of the previous month. Look at the ‘Savings- 2018’ sheet to see how this is done.

If you have found this useful, have any questions or suggestions, please go to this blog post and leave a comment.

Saving Ninja Brokers Comparison Spreadsheet – Click to download

A simple spreadsheet which compares a number of popular brokers annual costs for their ISA and SIPP offerings. Brokers fee structures can be quite complicated, they tend to vary depending on your pot size. This spreadsheet tells you what your annual cost will be dependant on your pot size. More brokers will be added upon request.

Matched Betting Spreadsheet – Click to download

Go to the Full Matched Betting Guide to see how to use this multi-faceted spreadsheet.

Mobile Applications

Coming soon