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This is the latest I’ve ever released a Savings Report!

In September, we were in Italy for 3 weeks, we stayed in 8 different AirBnB’s and were met with a lot of trouble getting home. It left me too tired to think about doing a Savings Report.

As it’s so late in the month, I’ll leave this one short.

The stock market did terribly. Our trip went well, we saw a lot of old sights, although it was very tiring. We had two cancelled flights on the way home and we ended up needing to get a 5h bus journey from New York to Boston.

To top it all off, we found out that we had caught scabies when we got back so have had to cream up and wash the whole house.

The whole ordeal has made us not want to travel outside of the USA again.

That’s it!

See you in a few weeks.