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As we continue to work toward our 2023 goal of investing $100k in 2023, on April 28th, I realized that we’ve crossed a pretty big milestone in net worth.

That milestone is, of course, half a million pounds.

My net worth figure will be shown properly in the next savings report; but I couldn’t help but make a tweet about it.

Half a million feels like a significant milestone.

And it feels like it’s almost crept up and surprised me.

Looking back over My Financial Journey , I suppose it kind of did. At the beginning of 2022 my net worth was £289k. How did it get to £500k in under 1 and a half years?

It’s certainly not compound interest, as our total interest earned is only around £50k, £18k of that being in the last 2 years; I’m still waiting for that mythical beast to show up.

It could be the fact that I combined finances with my wife last year, but that only accounts for £50k.

I think that it’s a combination of a few things. Yes, my wife’s 50k, and the interest gain of 18k, but also the fact that between November 2021 and June 2022, I wasn’t really investing. This was a time when we were waiting to move to the US and I was hoarding my income and creating a surplus of cash.

Between that time, the stock market was not doing so great, and in June of 2022, just after another 5% red month, we dumped almost 100k into VTI. Next month we saw a 7% green month.

I think we got pretty lucky with timing the market without meaning to. Of course, there’s also the fact that our household income has risen substantially. Since moving to the US 12 months ago, we’ve averaged £8k per month invested into the stock market, which is just insane.

All of this has contributed to the magical-like appearance of that half a mil milestone. It’s crazy to think that just 4 years ago we were celebrating getting to £100k net worth.

I hope that £1m surprises us even more.

Moving Soon

We’re moving states in a few weeks to New Hampshire. We are super excited to live in the mountains and we have slowly began to pack up the house.

We’ll be renting a U-Haul for the first time! It seems strange that back before we moved here, we were aware of all of these American things, like U-Hauls, and now we’re excited just to rent a moving van.

UK Rental Problems

Our rental in the UK continues to be a constant stream of anxiety. We really weren’t getting on with our fully managed letting agent, they’ve done the worst job ever over these past 3 years. Then, one day, after taking 10 days to respond to our request to pay us the rent, they decided to “resign” from being our letting agents.

They gave us 4 weeks to set up a new letting agent to take over.

This has been very stressful with a lot of long-distance calls to the UK, but we’ve finally found someone else who seems good to take over.

We cannot wait for the 5 year mortgage contract to end in 2 more years so we can sell the place. Thinking back, we would have preferred to sell it for 10k under asking before we left the UK, it would have saved us a lot of headaches. Simplicity is something that’s worth paying for.

How was your month?