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Another huge month of loss! My biggest in real terms yet.

The markets are in turmoil and the price between my portfolio currencies is going haywire. It almost seems pointless to report the figures monthly.

Nevertheless, I’ve continued to dump money in.

In September I invested $8000 into my pre-pension accounts, I assumed this would be a regular contribution although I’ve moved this down to $6000 already to re-fill my emergency cash coffers a little more quickly. $6600 was put into my new American pension, a “401k”, I thought I was done with pensions although with the market down-turn it seemed a good opportunity to fill my US pension with seed money that can compound tax-free when the market rebounds; so I’ve set myself the target of maxing it for this year even those I’ve just started.

The maximum amount for a 401k per annum is lower than the UK at $20,500 (before employer contributions) so it should be achievable.

Other News

I’m super late this month posting the Savings Report, this is because at the beginning of the month I went back to Sweden for a company offsite. Then I visited the UK and now I’m back in the US, but am really sick! The gathering of a large amount of people at this time of the year seems to invite illness every time.

Being in Sweden was nice, you don’t realize how beautiful a place is until you leave. Being in Manchester, however, made me realize how nice Sweden and the US (where I am in Massachusetts) are. I really don’t miss the northern scally shouting across the station walking around with cigs hanging out their mouths and spewing racism and hate. The UK seems to have gone down hill since Brexit, or maybe I’m just realizing things more?

As I’m bed-bound, I’m not feeling full of words. We’re still acclimating and trying to feel settled; I don’t think we’ll fully be there until we own our own space again.

I promise to sit down and give a full introspective about the USA soon, when we know what our plans are and we’ve got a good sense of our budget.

See you next month!