Savings Report #5 – November

This is a Saving Ninja savings report. Go to How To Track Your Savings to check out the Saving Ninja Super Spreadsheet. Please note that I split my expenses equally with my partner and the savings rate, house equity and house value represent my share only. The spreadsheet calculates my savings rate based off £12,000 worth of expenses per year, even though my expenses are actually Less Than 10k Per Year. This is to create a buffer; I’m aiming for at least 12k to reach financial independence.

The markets seem to be recovering a little with my investments earning £432.42 this month. I’m still worse off since I started investing though, so there’s still a way to go with recovery.

My ISA pot now sits at £14k. I was really hoping to try and fill it to reach the £20k ISA limit before it resets in April but I may keep my matched betting profits to help boost my stake size so it’s not looking good on that front. I will hopefully still be able to throw an extra few thousand in though, we’ll see.

My investments are now bigger than my house equity which is nice. That’s the way it should be for the savvy saver and I hope it will continue this way.

I’m going to have to start a fresh savings tab for 2019 in the spreadsheet. This will mean I’ll have to build in some new functionality to look at the last month of the previous year. I’ll be able to start adding some snazzy charts to illustrate how the year went too, woo!

Other Thoughts

Matched betting has been pretty dyer this month. I got gubbed on Bet365 which was at the time my only account. So I stopped for quite a bit, I only recently started adding some alternative accounts. I’m still about £5200 up since starting, but I don’t imagine this will move much until after Christmas when I’ve secured a new B365 account.

Feelings are a bit up and down at the moment. That means I haven’t got many thoughts to write down here! I’m starting to get itchy feet again at work now that I’ve been at this position for almost a year.

Blogging is starting to get a bit harder with regards to thinking of what to write about next. I’m going to stick with it though :] I’ve read about the 3-month blogging itch, maybe mine is starting around now?

There’s Christmas to look forward to! It’s my parents turn to have us this year, time to get thoroughly stuffed with lots of nice food and merry with lots of alcohol! Next time I write an ‘other thoughts’ section I’ll hopefully be wearing a Santa hat with a glass of wine close at hand!

I hope you all have a good Christmas.


10 thoughts on “Savings Report #5 – November

  1. Blogging is hard work – when it starts to feel like a chore or you’re not enjoying it, it’s time to perhaps just take a step back and have a break and only get back to it when your mojo returns. The way I see it, if I have nothing else to write about, there’s always my monthly update since I’m tracking my numbers anyway.

    Good luck with maxing out your ISA – I’m not going to get anywhere close to the limit. Just about managed £17k last year but even that’s going to be a real struggle this year.

    I guess you youngsters just have a different outlook with jobs/working – I didn’t feel like I’d even settled into my job until after the first year and I feel there’s so much more I can learn and do to make me better at my job and to actually make the job itself better. I wouldn’t mind staying where I am until I pull the FIRE plug as long as I continue to be happy there.

    EW betting is a real rollercoaster but it’ll come good in the end. I lost my B365 account nearly 2 years ago, a pain but as you have realised, there are other accounts. Let’s hope Lady luck shines on all of us and wish you all the best for Christmas too!

    1. Haha, it’s my WoW mentality of guild hopping 🙂

      Being in London there’s just so much jobs out there, especially in my field. It’s hard to stay put when you have recruiters jumping down your throat to buy you coffee and discuss your ‘next big jump’ all of the time. I think due to my hopping mentality, contracting is really for me, as that’s when it’s acceptable to move on frequently! I just need to wait until Summer to get my first 15-30% (I’ve heard everyone gets 15% and it’s rare to get 30%, but you never know!) bonus then I’ll start looking at a switch to freelancing. Although, it is probably a stupid move with IR35 coming in 2020, and I’m getting married in July and will be looking to take over a month off, so I probably should stay in permanent employment for this 😛 Sooo, I’ll probably end up hanging in there for next year. Bugger.

      I think I was just having a bummer day. I feel a lot better now already 😀 I’ve got an awesome budget spreadsheet that I’m finishing off. I think my true passion are Excel spreadsheets haha!

  2. Ouch, losing B365 must really hurt, I think I’ll have a little cry when that happens to me…… had you really been hammering it? Just EW, or anything else?

    1. Hey Paul!

      Yeah it hit me pretty hard 😛 I hadn’t been hammering it toooo much, I had increased to £20 EW recently. My B365 profits sat at about £3600 when I got gubbed. I was just EW betting.

  3. I know what you mean about the blogging! At first I planned to write 2 posts per week, but that quickly felt too much like hard work. I’ve found a nice groove with approximately 1 a week, around 3-5 per month. It also means I can take my time with each post and not feel like I have to rush anything. I agree with Weenie above – this is meant to be a fun hobby, so there’s no point beating yourself up about it!

    Good job with that savings rate. I’ve got a long way to go before I can match that!

    1. Yeah, I write loads when I’m in the mood to, but sometimes when I’m in a slump I can’t really be bothered 🙂 So I’ve learned to schedule one a week now instead of posting every time I finish writing something, that way I can write a couple of posts when I’m in the zone!

      Thanks for the kudos 🙂 My pension savings are boosting my savings rate a lot due to my generous (14%) company match. I think when I stop contributing so much into my pension (maybe in a couple of years) my savings rate will drop a bit. Unless of course, I manage to increase my earnings! If I can net even 1k per month from matched betting this should cover it (when I actually start investing the profits!)

  4. Budgeting and figuring our iur networth is next. We will have a negative networth due to student loans and mortgage. I do expect a 200k negarive networth. This creates a fure under our asSets. So we are cutting back and making financial changes.

    1. Hi Rory,

      Awesome! Making a budget is definitely the first thing that you need to do, so you can figure out what’s up!

      Stay tuned, by the end of the week I’ll be publishing the Saving Ninja Budget Spreadsheet to go with the Savings Spreadsheet.

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