Savings Report #46 – Should You Tell Landlords What’s in Your Bank Account?

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I’m so stressed!

The move from Sweden to the USA is happening in exactly 1 month’s time, there’s still so much to do, we’ve yet to find a place to live on the other side and we still have a lot of stuff to sell and give away, including our car.

This move is so much more stressful than the last as I’m still working full time and my work load right now is more than usual. When I moved to Sweden I didn’t care about my company as I was leaving, work load had reduced a lot due to COVID, and I had a few weeks off during the move.

Right now this is what we’ve accomplished:

  • Both myself and my wife have our US Visa’s
  • Flights to the US are booked (1 month to go!)
  • Hotel is booked for a week prior to the move in Stockholm whilst our house is cleaned for sale
  • House is sold, car is listed on a selling site

In the next couple of weeks I’m going to have to sell all of my investments in my UK and Swedish non-pension accounts and exchange the currencies to dollars. I’m doing this to make my tax return easier when I’m a US resident. I just hope that the stock market doesn’t shoot up in the 4-6 weeks it will take before I can invest again.

I’m already finding out how a lot of things in the US are weirdly different. We need to fill out forms to even enquire about rental properties, in these these forms we have to list personal information like how much is in our checking and savings accounts and this form goes directly to the landlord. I feel a little weird informing them of how much we have saved and what our salaries are, especially as we’re applying to properties that are cheaper than most. This seems like the perfect set up to make us targets for crime; or maybe I’ve been watching too many US TV shows?

Short one this month as I have so much to do.

See you when I’m in the US!!


4 thoughts on “Savings Report #46 – Should You Tell Landlords What’s in Your Bank Account?

  1. In the UK when you do a creditcheck the landlord gets to see your salary and everything else that comes along with a credit check – so seeing the balances of your accounts is completely reasonable.

    1. This isn’t correct. They can do a soft credit check which will tell them if you have any ccjs or bankruptcy on your credit file but that’s it, they can’t see how much debt or savings you have or your salary. In fact, even a full credit check that banks will do for mortgages etc won’t show your salary

  2. Hey SN

    How exciting, yet stressful!

    I think landlord knowing your salary is one thing but agree, why do they need to know what’s in your bank account. Fairly certain this isn’t included in UK credit checks, which just looks at your credit rating, if you’re on the electoral register, if you’ve defaulted on any payments/loans, etc, not the contents of your bank accounts.

    Fingers crossed all things go smoothly for you – Bon Voyage, again!

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