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This update was difficult to prepare as I don’t think I’ve ever been as busy as I am right now. I signed up to co-author a technical book last year and I’ve now just begun the writing phase in which I need to write a 4000 word chapter every 2 weeks.

It has been insanely difficult to keep on track; I need to spend every Saturday and Sunday writing. When I signed up for this project I didn’t know that I’d be transitioning from an Engineer to an Engineering Manager and how much I’d have to learn in this new role.

I also found out this month that the SavingNinja family will be beginning another adventure. One of my goals for this year was to try and move to the USA. I’m happy to say that my employer found a business reason to relocate me and I’ve now signed a new US contract. Due to the move being classified as a business reason, we’ll be getting a full relocation allowance, along with accommodation for the first month, paid flights, and even a 3 day all expenses paid trip for myself and my wife to take beforehand.

The visa process has been initiated and they estimate that it will take to between 6 and 8 weeks, but it could be longer if we’re unlucky (hopefully no invasions will happen).

This is absolutely awesome! But… I need to spend each weekend writing for the next 4 months.

I don’t want to forfeit this book as it’s a project that I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I’ve put so much work into it. I can’t push back the project by months as I have a co-author, along with tech editors and a company with schedules to work toward. So, it looks like we’ll be trying to get rid of all of our stuff, including our house and car, and move to the USA from Sweden with a cat, all whilst having to spend each weekend writing and holding down a demanding full time job as an Engineering Manager (when two of my peers are on parental leave and I’m aiming for a promotion before the end of the year).

So, yeah, I’m damn busy!

I honestly don’t know how we’re going to manage it. But I’m excited nonetheless.

I’ll do a full post about relocating to the USA before we move (or I’ll try to). I’d like to write down my thoughts beforehand so I can see how they compare to the real experience when we arrive as this is something that I’ve worked toward for my whole professional life and I’d be the first to admit that I’m probably thinking of America in a deluded “land of dreams” perspective.

Other News

There’s a war with Ukraine and it’s scary living in non-NATO-Sweden, I hope we can relocate to the USA before anything escalates. The Swedish SEK has devalued against GBP so much that I’m now being paid around 10% less GBP than when I first started at my current company, even after 2 pay rises and role changes. The stock market is down the toilet and my company stock is almost half of what my grant price is; the stock now needs to grow 400% in the next 3 years if I want my grant to be worth anything, not looking good!