Microfiction #1 – Fire

Below is an entry into [email protected]’s Microfiction Series. He states a word and participants are asked to write a short story (less than 350 words) on the subject. Head over to the article to see his own and any other entries.

I’m seeing this as a great way to practice fiction writing. Who knows, maybe one of these short stories could turn into a book as, when retired, one of my projects is to write an epic fantasy!

It is hard to conceive the destruction one such as he can wreak. A sweet boy, to the casual observer, but hidden from their view lays his insurmountable ability to hate. Not just any old hatred; hatred with a burning passion. The type that is normally reserved for individuals who have suffered from a catastrophic wrong. Some would call one such individual a demon sent from the depths below; a beast to be strung to a stake and burnt. But burnt he cannot be, for the hatred is concealed deep within himself, manifesting only inside his own mind…

How dare he speak to me like that! What a swine! A cretin! A dirty little Grumpkin. I’ll show him what it costs to defy me!’ He feels his anger putrefying within his gut and collects it like candy from a jar, he funnels his toxicity into his one singular goal, yearning for it like a mother yearns for her dead child. Beads of sweat form on his brow as he forces his image into existence, bringing it forth from deep within his loins. He sees it, smells it, talks to it, and caresses its smoldering heart. He begins to taste its charred fragrance upon his tongue; this is a friend who he has called upon before.

He eagerly slams his journal shut and bolts through his dormitory door. As he makes his way through the twilight streets he starts to hear shrill voices cry out, “Fire!” Scarlet twinkles begin to catch his eye in the distance as he observes the billowing flames pouring out of his Professors quarters. Shyly, he smirks to himself; ‘My nights just about to get a whole lot better.’


16 thoughts on “Microfiction #1 – Fire

  1. Thanks for joining the microfiction challenge SavingNinja and what an amazing first submission that is! Loved reading it!! You describe the burning hatred and anger and how it swells from his depths so vividly… You have real talent 🙂

      1. I can learn a lot from you to be honest. English is not my native language and I always struggle to find the right words and tone.

        But like you said, microfiction is a great way to practice 🙂

  2. Very nice! Interestingly it made me think of Credence from the Fantastic Beasts films. Did you have that in mind at all?

    Also, extra marks for using the word Grumpkin!

    1. Maybe he was in the back of my head as, after reading it back, it does seem like him!

      Initially, I was thinking about Kvothe from The Kingkiller Chronicles, albeit a more messed up version. The magic they use in that series is all about transferring power from one entity to create another (like alchemy is depicted in a lot of fiction), so I wanted this character to be transferring the fire within his own body (ala hatred) into a real physical one.

    1. Haha, I had a debate with my partner on whether to use this word. I tried with stomach and abdomen as alternatives. I wanted it to be a physical descriptor (not metaphysical like ‘being’), but none seemed to fit correctly.

      I settled on loins as it has a strong connotation with creation, and he’s creating something. There’s also a close link between hatred and sexuality (shown also with the caressing of his effigy, and tasting it on his tongue, etc.).

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