Even though I tout about how amazing matched betting is to everyone that I meet, I still find that some people simply won’t give it a try. Mostly their reasoning is that they don’t have enough time to ‘learn’ how to do it or that they’re still skeptical of the loads of tax-free income that some people say they are making each month… “It must be illegal.” people say, or “I don’t wanna do anything dodgy.” But they’re wrong… It’s not illegal and it’s not dodgy!

This post is for you, the person who keeps deferring things, the person who is skeptical of trying something new. All I’m asking for is 10 - 20 minutes of your time and your full trust for you to follow these instructions. If you do this I’m guaranteeing that you’ll make £30 in this tiny amount of time.

Seriously, that’s it. It’s not a joke or a scam. It’s not even for the ‘possibility’ of getting £30.

You WILL get £30, no matter what, all by yourself, no other people involved.

You sold?

Great! Now, put your thoughts aside and put your faith in me until you finish this post.

First things first, the prerequisites… In order to do this, you must be a UK resident (sorry USA folks), you must be 18 years of age or older, and you must have £30 - £50 that you’re not in immediate need of. You won’t lose this. Hey! Stop thinking, just trust me.

Ok, let’s begin with earning you your first £30!

Step 1)

Go to OddsMonkey.com and register for an account.

Step 2)

Go to Betfred via this link and register for an account. Deposit £10.

Step 3)

Go to Smarkets via this link (<- get £50 in risk free bets going through this link) and register for an account. Deposit £20 - £40 (you may not need to use all of this but go ahead and deposit it anyway, you can withdraw afterward).

Step 4)

Go to the Oddsmatcher tool on OddsMonkey via this link . Pick one of the matches in the list of results (by clicking on the ‘i’ button), the higher to the top the better. Change your ‘BETFRED STAKE’ amount to £10. Verify that ‘YOUR LIABILITY WILL BE’ in the red box does not exceed £20 - £40 (whatever you deposited into Smarkets ).

Note: The ‘Exchange’ section needs to be with Smarkets

Step 5)

Click on the link in the OddsMatcher window that says ‘GO TO BETFRED’ or find the match yourself on the Betfred website (sometimes you’ll need to do this as the link won’t populate your bet properly). Enter £10 into the bet amount window and place the bet.

Step 6)

Click on the link in the OddsMatcher window that says ‘GO TO SMARKETS’ or find the bet yourself on the Smarkets website.

Click on the LAY portion of this bet on Smarkets, this means that you’re betting against the bet results. It’s to the right and coloured in blue. Double check the ‘lay’ odds on the OddsMatcher match up with the one shown on Smarkets if you’re unsure.

Enter the amount shown on the OddsMatcher next to ‘LAY’ into your Smarkets bet window and place the bet.

You’re now ready to chill out until your bet is settled. Check on Smarkets or Betfred, or the OddsMatcher for when your match is meant to be started and make a note or set a reminder for when you’re ready to cash in your free money.

Step 7)

Your bet should now be settled and you’ll have a £30 free bet waiting for you in your Betfred account. Repeat steps 4 to 6 but this time when you’re in the OddsChecker bet window select ‘FREE BET (SNR)’ and enter the values shown.

After your free bet settles, you’ll now have between £25 and £30 in profit when withdrawing your Smarkets and Betfred balances after this small amount of work! Remember this income is tax-free, to take home £30 from your day job you’d need to earn over £60 if you’re in the higher rate tax bracket. That makes matched betting worth over £250 per hour!

You can now walk away with your £30 and not pay a penny. Or, you could sign up to OddsMonkey and work your way through the rest of the New Account Sign Up Offers and earn yourself another £1000 tax-free, it’s up to you.

If you do decide to stick around, check out The Full Matched Betting Guide for some tips on how to continue to earn money after you’ve depleted your new account offers. I made £5000 tax-free profit in just 1 month last September from spending 10 hours (tops!) matched betting per week. I would need to earn an additional £150k per year income to make the same monthly amount from my day job. Matched betting is truly the best way for savers in the UK to make money, don’t miss out!

If you have any questions regarding this process, ask in the comments below!

Do you like these ‘trust me and don’t think’ types of posts?

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