5 thoughts on “Grab £125 Free Cash

    1. Hey there!

      Yes, it will. This is why you should have two or three bank accounts at once so that you can take advantage of the bank account switching offers without disrupting your main day to day account.

      If you only have one account (the one you use) I would recommend opening a second bank account, preferably one that doesn’t really have switching offers in their brand – like Lloyds bank, then using that bank account you can start to switch around and get the free cash. Right now it will require you to open an account, then wait for everything to get set up, then switch; a little more effort. BUT! This will be worth it in the future as you will have a spare account to switch. I’m going to be doing a guide on this soon.

    1. Ooo, awesome!

      I made a hiccup on the First Direct offer, either that or they changed the T&Cs! When I went to claim my £100 for leaving ‘bonus’ they said that I didn’t qualify as I hadn’t deposited £1500 every month. I swear that’s a new term :)) the buggers!

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