This is a bank account switching offer. Read The Full Guide to Bank Account Switching for more information on how to make the most of offers like these.

Natwest have just opened up an extremely generous switching offer; £125 lump sum cash. This offer is even open to existing Natwest customers[note]You’re not eligible for this offer if you’ve had cash back for switching to Natwest since October 2017.[/note].

Just like the Nationwide Bose Headphones offer , this too just requires one deposit. The money can then even be transferred back out of the account. It also doesn’t require you to set up or transfer over any direct debits, making it an extremely easy switching offer to complete.


  • Pay in at least £1500 before January (doesn’t have to be all at once)
  • Log in to mobile or internet banking before January
  • You must keep the account open until the £125 bonus gets paid to you on the 13th of April 2019.


Go to the offer page and sign up for a new Nationwide account, ensure you opt in to the switching service when prompted. Once opened transfer £1500 via online or mobile banking into the account then transfer it back out again. Keep the account open until you get your free £125 on the 13th of April.