This is a bank account switching offer. Read The Full Guide to Bank Account Switching for more information on how to make the most of offers like these.

Could this be the best bank account switching bonus is history? First Direct are offering a free pair of Bose Wireless Headphones if you switch your current account to them. Here’s the link .

I’ve always been an advocate of bank account switching, but this seems like the best one yet. I don’t know why they haven’t advertised it more; each person I’ve told about it seems to have not heard about it. I now have a bunch of people at work all waiting for their Bose headphones to arrive!

This is also one of the extremely easy switches! It only requires you to move £1000 into the account once; not monthly! No direct debits need to be transferred either. The £1000 can then be moved back out of the account into your main account, you can even do this in 10, £100 transfers, one at a time.

The cherry on the top is… Wait for it… First Direct will give you £100 if you leave after 6 months!

So, grab yourself a pair of £170 headphones, leave the account for 6 months (you don’t even need any direct debits), then grab an extra £100 for switching to another current account! Terms .

The trick with getting all of the bank account switching rewards is to ensure that you have at least one spare bank account which you don’t use as a main account. You then don’t have to go through the hassle of switching all of your real life payments every time. You should have multiple bank accounts to make the best of your emergency pot savings anyways, so the extra switching bonus is just a little extra profit.

Some bank account welcome offers, such as the HSBC £200 one requires two direct debits to be switched over. For bank accounts like this, I just set up two Little Debits of £1 each the month before the switch. This can then be canceled once you get your bonus (it’s worth the trade).

Some bonuses also require money to be deposited into the account each month. For this I simply set up a standing order to deposit the required amount in and then out again from my main account at the beginning of each month, this really works, and is hassle free!