Free Bose Headphones Worth £170!

This is a bank account switching offer. Read The Full Guide to Bank Account Switching for more information on how to make the most of offers like these.

Could this be the best bank account switching bonus is history? First Direct are offering a free pair of Bose Wireless Headphones if you switch your current account to them. Here’s the link.

I’ve always been an advocate of bank account switching, but this seems like the best one yet. I don’t know why they haven’t advertised it more; each person I’ve told about it seems to have not heard about it. I now have a bunch of people at work all waiting for their Bose headphones to arrive!

This is also one of the extremely easy switches! It only requires you to move £1000 into the account once; not monthly! No direct debits need to be transferred either. The £1000 can then be moved back out of the account into your main account, you can even do this in 10, £100 transfers, one at a time.

The cherry on the top is… Wait for it… First Direct will give you £100 if you leave after 6 months!

So, grab yourself a pair of £170 headphones, leave the account for 6 months (you don’t even need any direct debits), then grab an extra £100 for switching to another current account! Terms.

The trick with getting all of the bank account switching rewards is to ensure that you have at least one spare bank account which you don’t use as a main account. You then don’t have to go through the hassle of switching all of your real life payments every time. You should have multiple bank accounts to make the best of your emergency pot savings anyways, so the extra switching bonus is just a little extra profit.

Some bank account welcome offers, such as the HSBC £200 one requires two direct debits to be switched over. For bank accounts like this, I just set up two Little Debits of £1 each the month before the switch. This can then be canceled once you get your bonus (it’s worth the trade).

Some bonuses also require money to be deposited into the account each month. For this I simply set up a standing order to deposit the required amount in and then out again from my main account at the beginning of each month, this really works, and is hassle free!


16 thoughts on “Free Bose Headphones Worth £170!

  1. This is awesome. I’m getting on it tonight!

    I don’t get why they would give you £100 for closing it down though… Odd?!

    Saw your tweet on the monthly figures report. I’ve never really had much feedback on the format good or bad. But it does tend to generate a few comments so I guess people must read the details. Although I always get the feeling that I waffle on a bit too much. I would just do whatever works for you… Something you can commit to putting out every month given your own time or other constrainta and I guess more importantly something you would like to read. Also I’ve tweaked mine over the years so don’t over procrastinate on it and just make changes as you go along.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with 🙂

    1. Hey TFS! Thanks for commenting 🙂 I ended up just screen-shotting my excel sheet and then talking about it! It’s pretty easy as I’m not talking about my expenses like you 🙂 maybe in the future.

      I really do need to take on your advice about procrastinating, I spent bloody 2 days sorting out my subscription box! 😉

  2. Just had a look, looks good and will comment on in a bit.

    Lol @ the subscription box thing. Been there my friend don’t worry about it! I took ages to get most things up and running and stressed out loads about a lot of it which let’s face it is probably not really worth the worry haha. You’ve done a good job of it anyway, looks great 🙂

    Quick question about those “Little Debits” of £1. Could those be to anywhere? Like yourself i.e. another one of your bank accounts? Or would that be classed as a standing order? Not sure if they distinguish between the two things, or even if there is actually any difference between a DD and a regular SO?


    1. Direct debits are actually different to standing orders. DD’s can only be set up by organisations and they have to request via a ‘Direct Debit Mandate’ directly to your bank to set it up. Standing orders on the other hand is set up by you with no authorisation.

      Direct debits actually cost money to set up, I’m not too sure on the ins and outs of it but I think it would cost you more than £1 per month to have a DD of your own (through your own organization), which is why you don’t see much £1 direct debits available.

      Little debits clicky actually donates 100% of your £1’s to charity (although I don’t think you can choose which). They also have different bands (red, green etc), so you can set up more than 1. It’s the quickest and easiest way I’ve found to quickly set up multiple direct debits for bank account requirements. You can also feel a little good about yourself that you’re donating to charity 😛

      1. Aha thanks for the clarification!

        I think what confused me was the link to “little debits” in the main article just goes to the same HSBC one as above, I am guessing it was supposed to link to the little debits link as you have just posted in your comment?

        That’s really cool though I’ve never heard of them before and will set a few up. Cheers!

        Also one final question on the first direct switch, mse reckons you have to transfer 1000/month to avoid a £10/month fee… Can you confirm that’s definitely not the case in your experience?

        Thanks again!

        1. Oh no, thanks for pointing that out! Yes, it was meant to link to little debits website! I’ve updated the link 🙂 thank you!

          The £10 per month is payable after the first 6 months (unless you pay in £1000 per month). So if you do switch out of it after 6 months for the £100 to leave offer, you shouldn’t be charged. I’ve set a reminder on my phone to switch out after the 6 months is up 🙂

          -I should probably add the £10 per month thing onto the post! I’ll do that once I’m back in the UK 🙂

  3. I switched to First Direct over 20 years ago for £150 and have stuck with them ever since as I’m happy to bank with them. Shame about the Bose headphones though – I could do with those! I can see how people can make easy money from switching banks but for me, but it’s not something I feel like doing, although I do have two other higher interest paying current accounts (Tesco and TSB) and have direct debits set up paying into each account to qualify for said higher interest.

  4. I love those kind of lifehacks. Great post, I’ll get on it asap!

    I believe the £100 leaving bonus is to convince people that the FD service is so good that “we’re even paying you to switch”. It’s like a challenge which makes you think these guys should live up to their promises. Marketing tricks!

    1. Awesome, Bose are going to be running out of stock at this rate 😉

      Yeah – marketing tricks, but good for switchers! I personally like Lloyds, I stick mainly with them but have a couple of other accounts which I switch around.

      Another good account for your business which I’ve just switched to is Starling. They’re completely free for small businesses. Saved me £12.50 per month from a business Santander account. All contractors should get on it 🙂

      1. Yes, a few people in the office have switched to Starling. However, it’s a problem for me that they don’t have FreeAgent integration like Santander do. That’s until the OpenBank API comes out I guess.

        Regarding switching, I remember seeing one HotUKDeals thread on how to earn something like £800 in a few months of switching. Great stuff!

  5. Interested in doing this – can i confirm that you have got the gift ok?
    Also question – say i t/f from nationwide to first direct – will this cause the old nationwide account to shut down?

    1. Hi Ed,

      Yes, I got the gift OK, but my partner needed to ring them up as she never got the hello gift email after 30 days. So make sure you check.

      I’m going to paste you my answer to your second question as someone asked it on the other offer post 🙂

      “Yes, it will. This is why you should have two or three bank accounts at once so that you can take advantage of the bank account switching offers without disrupting your main day to day account.

      If you only have one account (the one you use) I would recommend opening a second bank account, preferably one that doesn’t really have switching offers in their brand – like Lloyds bank, then using that bank account you can start to switch around and get the free cash. Right now it will require you to open an account, then wait for everything to get set up, then switch; a little more effort. BUT! This will be worth it in the future as you will have a spare account to switch. I’m going to be doing a guide on this soon!”

      I hope this helps 🙂

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