Since November I’ve been working on SavingNinja’s very first piece of software - a mobile application that contains all of the same useful calculators in the Super Spreadsheet and today marks the day that it’s available to download. 

The app is called FICalc, and it’s available on both iOS and Android !

FICalc is the first of many applications that I have planned to help my fellow Ninja’s achieve financial independence quicker and easier. The app is currently only version 1.0 and with your help, I plan to add more tooling and improvements as time goes by; so let me know what you’d like to see in the comments below.

Download FICalc on Android and iOS today - it’s free. Leaving a good review on any store would help immensely (thanks if you do!)

FICalc is a collection of financial calculators that can help you on your pathway to financial independence. FIRE calculators are prevalent on the web, but many calculations need to be done whilst on the move and quickly; that’s where FICalc can help as it’s quickly accessible on your mobile phone.

FICalc stores your input data for ease of use on return visits, and your financial simulations are illustrated with animated graphs and charts (charts coming soon.)

Compound Interest Calculator

Enter your starting pot, yearly deposit amount, years to compound, and predicted investment growth and hit calculate.

The calculator will tell you how much your money will have grown within the given years. It will simulate monthly investment returns and deposits to accurately calculate the result.

Hit analyse to see a month by month breakdown of your growth for your total pot and total interest earned.

Drawdown Calculator

Enter your starting pot, annual drawdown amount, and predicted investment growth and hit calculate.

The calculator will tell you how long your money will last by simulating your monthly investment returns.

Hit analyse to see a month by month breakdown of your drawdown for your total pot and total interest.

This is a good calculator to use to figure out how to build your Pension Bridge.

FI Calculator (Financial Independence Calculator) 

Enter your starting pot, yearly savings, projected investment growth, and withdrawal rate, and hit calculate.

The calculator will tell you how long it will take for you to reach FI (Financial Independence) so you can potentially retire early. This is the point when the interest growth will cover your yearly expenses.

Hit analyse to see how much your pot has grown each month and how much interest you’ve earned.

What is FIRE? (<– Read this if you don’t know)

The Future of FICalc

This mobile application is for you. Which features would you like to see added to FICalc? If it’s not on the list; let me know in the comments below.

  1. Personal Profile

    An area of the app which will hold your current bio (networth, income, expenses, savings rate, age etc.)

    Personal Profile will show you at a glance how long you have left until you are FI (‘Financially Independent’) it will count down each day and update accordingly with options to add or remove cash amounts and ‘recalculate.’

  2. Additional Data Analysis

    Currently the application shows networth totals and total combined interest gained. This feature would add a suite of additional analytics including month by month interest, different market returns (upper bound, lower bound), expenses covered, and ‘percentage to FI.’ 

  3. Dynamic Calculations

    This feature would allow you to change your savings rate dynamically on the graph page to see instantly how your results will change.

  4. Vault

    Do you want a part of the app dedicated to storing useful FI related articles and notes?